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How to Increase your Lead Contact Ratio?
Can’t get enough leads on the phone? Is your sales team giving up too soon on a lead? Today, I’ll walk you through an effective cadence that has significantly boosted our lead conversion rates at Best Office Staff. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!
In an ideal scenario, once a lead is captured, we should be on the phone within five minutes, qualifying and scheduling it, and eventually making that sale. But let’s face it, it’s seldom that straightforward. Many leads need multiple calls to truly engage and qualify.
So, you might be wondering, what’s a cadence? It’s the rhythm or pattern of how often you should call a lead. Our formula at Best Office Staff is refined from over a decade of experience. We prioritize consistency without being a nuisance.
While our cadence heavily focuses on phone calls, remember, we also use emails and text message drips in our overall strategy. Our approach is holistic, ensuring we’re reaching out effectively without overwhelming the lead.
At Best Office Staff, we entrust our lead management to specialists – think of them as super-charged appointment setters. Their sole mission? Call leads, engage, and qualify them. This single-minded focus ensures leads are not ignored or forgotten.

Post-sales consultations can sometimes end in a “maybe” or a no-show. We circle these leads back to our specialists. Their job? Ensure these leads are re-engaged and, if necessary, rescheduled for another consultation.

Sales teams can sometimes drop the ball on follow-ups, either from being busy or, let’s be honest, a tad lazy. Our specialists step in to ensure that no lead is left behind.

To boil it all down:
– Set up a structured, consistent cadence.
– Trust the process.
– And if you’re stretched thin, consider hiring a specialist to keep the momentum going.

Here are some highlights from our formula. We modify it depending on the lead source:
  • Speed to lead
  • Calling a Fresh lead three times a day for a week
  • Reducing that to once every other day the following week
  • Switch to calling once or twice a month
  • Even on day 77, we’re still checking in with a lead at least once a month

We’re persistent, and our mantra is simple: “If they haven’t told us not to call, we keep trying.” Why? Because we aim to be their first choice when they’re ready to buy.

In Conclusion:
I genuinely hope these insights shed some light on optimizing your lead management process. If you would like to learn more about how this can be customized to your