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We are looking to fill the following positions below:
Responsible for calling up leads and being able to set them up for an appointment with your client. Following up with leads and ensuring that all calls are properly documented comprise the bulk of work of an Appointment Setter, though they are also required to do some admin work as deemed necessary by the client’s business needs


Performs the function of helping people to fix their credits, enabling more opportunities to be available for their clients in the future.


Handle all aspects of clients’ bookkeeping from ledges to managing customer invoices.


Handle customer inquiries, help desk tickets & support tasks to ensure the clients’ customers are fully satisfied!


Performs a variety of specialized clerical duties to support the organization. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to, coordinating building permits, i.e. electrical permits, plumbing permits, and roofing permits.


Assists the realtor with a variety of real estate-related chores. Follow-up calls, maintaining social media, responding to leads, developing visuals, listings, research, and other time-consuming duties are some of the jobs that real estate virtual assistants perform.


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Best Office Staff Recruitment Process

Processing of applicant are client and account specific. Thus, no definite turnaround time is given for the recruitment process


Source candidates from OLJ, FB, Referrals and other sources and input their control details on the Recruitment Database

Language and Resume Interview (LRI)

Conduct 10–15 minute phone interview

Account Interview

Schedule Zoom Invite for a 15-minute Zoom interview with BOS founders

Client Meeting

15-50 minute Zoom client interview for placement

BOS Onboarding

Contract Signing, orientation and submitting of forms. Script training

CLIENT Onboarding / Training

First day of training / official first day